I am a 2D Character Animator, Animation Director, Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist, Character Designer and Graphic Designer, as well as a Painter and an Engraver. I am a free spirited, versatile artist, who likes to portray the world through her imaginative eyes, giving a touch of magic and enchantment to all things around us.

My style has a lot of fantasy influence, probably an heritage from children and fairy tale books, and also my passion for epic and medieval stories and settings. I was also always a big fan of mangas. So my work is a mixture of all these influences and atmospheres.  

I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy (my home town), where I achieved a painting degree. I worked for two years as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer for an Italian publishing company specialized in children books. I then moved to London to attend the Post Graduate Course in 2D Character Animation at the London Animation Studio (Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design), graduating in 2008.
Since then I settled down in London to follow the animation path and dedicate myself to this beautiful art form and all the production pipeline related to it, as well as continuing my Illustration activity. 

Since I graduated I worked in quite a few London based studios, such as Bold Creative, PartizanLab, Chase Imagination, Trunk Animation, Picasso Pictures, Breakthru Films, Glasshead, Tandem Films and others, on both hand drawn and digital animation projects, as well as a Character and Background Designer and Storyboard Artist for quite a few projects so far. I also constantly freelance for a range of clients of all sorts, for commercial and independent projects.

Since 2010 I have also been working as an Animation Tutor, running Stop Motion and Flash animation workshops in primary and secondary schools and for various organizations across London.